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Wwf Foundation

Welcome to our website! We are pleased to provide you with information about our extensive services as a trading course and workshop provider. In addition to our well-known trading courses, we also offer unique workshops at schools and colleges in the Netherlands. Our goal is to introduce the latest trends and developments to the younger generations.

Our workshops are the first of their kind in the Netherlands and offer a unique experience to students. We conduct workshops at schools on various subjects, including entrepreneurship (digital market), e-commerce & certifications, e-commerce security, sales, complaint handling, risk management, blockchain technology, and money mindset.

We take pride in being an accredited internship company and have at least 4 interns annually. We have received positive feedback from schools regarding the quality of our internship program. We believe that we are entering a new era with new rules, and as a company, we play a crucial role in introducing these new rules and concepts.

As an investment company, we have the advantage of having to track the market daily. This allows us to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and tailor our lessons and workshops to the needs of our clients and students.

In summary, we offer a unique and valuable experience for students and customers interested in the latest trends and developments in the field of investing and entrepreneurship. We look forward to working with you!